Future Update in 2021

  1. SHARING. Make normal sharing of diaries, documents. What could be shared with a secretary, friend, psychologist. It is convenient when the secretary can record a meeting for you, and you will see it when you open the calendar. It is convenient when you write your plan for the year or your results of the day and the psychologist will be able to look and help you with the next session. There will be 2 sharing options. Full edit and read only.
  2. ZOOM. Zoom in with two fingers, so that it would be more convenient to write, if necessary. For example, in plans for a month.
  3. DOT. Put a dot in the calendar, where there is any notes, so that you can immediately see which day the note was.
  4. Synchronize with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. It will be very convenient when you can see in your calendar the appointments that you have recorded in other calendars.
  5. Make an app for iPhone and AppleWatch. It will be very convenient when you see all the notes on the iPhone and receive notifications on AppleWatch.
  6. Make a TouchID. That would be able to password-protect our application.