About Us


Being busy is complicated sometimes, because we have only 24 hours! GlassPaper doesn’t make your day lasts longer, but it sticks you to the schedule. So your plans seems simpler than yesterday!

How GlassPaper works:

You can create Documents and save it in Folders.

You are able to make a Diary and share it with your manager!

You can use all kind of documents in this App.

Easy create, copy or replace your Documents!

And Archive will save your work even if you suddenly deleted it.


— synchro Documents with each iPad;

— time-management;

— workability;

— sticking to schedule.


Convenient — GlassPaper is set up for iPads only, so the interface is great: easy travel through your folders and calendar.

Motivation — in this Diary you are able to plan all spheres of your life, so you will read this book and won’t forget to buy a present for family. You can conclude each day to analyse yourself!

Tools — feather or marker, color changing or another thickness — try it!

The most qualitative interface — your Diary creates your person!

GLASSPAPER is a Diary, that remembers more than you. It helps in each place at each time. Plan your Life and save your Resources!